An assortment of plastic bottles packed together upside down.

Climate Change

Scottish Power have teamed up with Glasgow Science Centre to produce 3 lessons for P5-P7 pupils exploring climate change through STEM. These digital resources complement the printed materials for these lessons, and the activities focus on innovations in the context of reducing plastic waste (Eco-friendly Water Bottle lesson), harnessing ‘waste’ gases (Biogas lesson), and recycling (Recycling Savers lesson). Each lesson is designed in line with second level Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes.

Title of Resource Education Level Type of Item Download
Recycling Savers Second Digital Resources
Eco-friendly Water Bottle Second Digital Resources
Biogas Second Digital Resources

Instructional Videos for Teachers

The following videos are provided for teachers who have participated in the Climate Change CLPL training at Glasgow Science Centre. They act as an aide-memoire in the preparation for the lessons on Biogas plant and Eco-friendly water bottles.

Biogas plant

Eco-friendly water bottles

Glasgow Science Centre is grateful for the support of Scottish Power in the production of these teaching resources.

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