Two women guide the path of light using mirrors at an exhibit in QuantIC

Quantum Technologies

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Get hands-on with the exciting physics and engineering behind quantum technologies in an interactive exhibition at Glasgow Science Centre – 'Quantum Technologies: Making the Invisible Visible'!

This fast emerging field of previously hidden physics is going to have a huge impact on future technologies. It has the potential to lead to some amazing new gadgets and products that we will have in our homes, on our phones and in our places of work!

Exploiting the quantum world is not without its challenges though, and with scope for innovation there are some fantastic career opportunities to explore – could you be amongst the scientists and engineers of the future making the invisible, visible? Be sure to visit the exhibition on Floor 2 of the Science Mall and all will be revealed! 'Quantum Technologies: Making the Invisible Visible' has been designed to explore the work of QuantIC, a consortium of universities with a hub based at the University of Glasgow. Their work focuses on exploiting the quantum world to develop enhanced imaging technologies and ensuring the successful transition of these technologies from laboratory to industry. They are making the previously impossible possible.

Glasgow Science Centre is grateful for their support.  


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