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Wondering what's on in Glasgow this weekend? Well, there's always something on at Glasgow Science Centre – like our awesome BodyWorks exhibition! BodyWorks is a 'hands-on' exhibition on Floor 3 of Glasgow Science Centre. It’s free to visit with your Science Mall ticket.

Take on the role of the snot barrier, perform a virtual autopsy and bust some moves at the DNA disco. Take a new look at the science behind health and well-being – you’ll never look at your body in quite the same way.


Become the star subject of your own experiment – measure your physical and physiological characteristics, compare them with other people.


Enter the research capsules on Floor 3 for a showcase of cutting-edge developments in biomedical science. These five capsules will evolve over time through collaboration with leading local and national research establishments. Enjoy a myriad of sensory and interactive experiences – not to be missed!


Get a 'hands-on', 'minds-on' experience of fundamental biology as you explore the 8 interactive exhibit zones that make up BodyWorks:


Take a deep breath. Are you ready to test your physical and physiological ability? This zone contains exhibits that Science Passport holders know and love, like a new and improved homunculus, reaction timer, grip test and hang time. There are some completely new exhibits too, like a sprint track and a balance board.


How does your body fight infection? In this zone find out about how our bodies react and fight back when attacked by germs!


Every day you eat and drink to give you energy, but where does it go and what does your body do with it? In this zone you can have a go in a giant hamster wheel, see how alcohol affects you and feel how soft or hard poo is. All we’re saying is come BEFORE you visit our café!


You probably know that DNA contains all of your genetic information. But do you know how it stores it and how can it be used to prove your identity?


Your bones and muscles give your body structure, but how do they work together to make possible all the movements you can make?


Your nervous system gives you the ability to think, move, feel, speak and do almost everything you want. But how does it work? Put your brain to the test with our fully interactive exhibits like mindball, multitasking brain and memory challenge.


You are always breathing and your heart is always beating – well done, keep going. But have you ever wondered how these systems work together to keep you alive and what can damage them? Your heart is made of cardiac muscle and unlike other types of muscle, it never gets tired – it works constantly without ever pausing to rest. Good work. See this for yourself when you try to pump the heart in our exhibit and keep in time with an audio of a heartbeat. You’ll also see the beating of your own heart with the heart mirror and ECG exhibits, plus see the veins in your hand with the vein viewer exhibit.


This section is all about the science behind the 'birds and the bees'. Join eight mums-to-be throughout their pregnancy and find out how it’s affecting their health and well-being through their video journal.  



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