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Curious about how your body works? Fascinated by physics? Are you obsessed with outer space or do you get a buzz out of electricity? There’s something to appeal to every passion here, and you’re guaranteed to find new ones you didn’t even know existed! If you're looking for mind-boggling things to do in Glasgow this weekend, then look no further – as long as you're ready for an adventure.

Polar Zero

Artist and sculptor Wayne Binitie’s immersive exhibition, Polar Zero, explores the past, present and future of our relationship with the…

The Planetarium

In our live presenter-led shows, manned by our expert team of astronomers and science bods, we’ll take you on fantastic journeys through…


Feed your curiosity and get hands-on with fascinating phenomena in Explore!.

Outer Space

Unravel the mysteries of nature in Glasgow Science Centre’s Outer Space.

Idea No59

The future is yours to shape. Celebrate the innovative spirit in us all at the new, permanent exhibition, Idea No59 - opening 19 March 2020.

A Question of Perception

Come and explore a world where nothing is quite as it seems. Intriguing illusions and strange experiences will delight and tease young and…


Take on the role of the snot barrier, burn some energy in the giant hamster wheel, perform a virtual autopsy and bust some moves at the DNA…

Powering the Future

Get charged-up for an adventure into Powering the Future – this interactive exhibition is for everyone to enjoy. You’ll (safely!) explore…

Reimagining Museums for Climate Action

What would it take for museums to become catalysts for radical climate action?

Space Zone

The Space Zone forms an immersive walkway through the solar system towards the entrance of…

Quantum Technologies

Get hands-on with the thrilling physics and engineering behind quantum technologies in this brand new interactive exhibition.

Glasgow Tower

Are you into one-offs? Then the Glasgow Tower is right UP your street. It’s the only structure on earth that can rotate 360° into the…


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