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Whitelee Wind Farm Education Programme

Your class will be blown away (don’t worry, not literally!) by Whitelee Wind Farm! Check out the range of brilliant activities that our school and educational visits include, all perfectly suited for pupils from Early Years to S3.

All education packages at Whitelee Wind Farm come with a guided tour, time in the exhibition area and an interactive workshop that has been designed with the different requirements of different age groups. All of our school learning is integrated with the Curriculum for Excellence.


Watts It All About? (N1-P1)

This fun, interactive and engaging workshop provides pupils with an introduction to electricity. It explores what we use electricity for, where it comes from and how it gets to our houses. CfE: Science > Planet Earth > Energy Sources and Sustainability

Wind, Rain or Shine (P2–P4)

Discover the mighty power of the weather! This fun and engaging workshop allows you to investigate how we can harness this power to generate electricity. You and your pupils will investigate three renewable energies: wind, hydro and solar. CfE: Science > Planet Earth > Energy Sources and Sustainability; Science > Topical Science

Wind Works (P5–S3)

Fascinated by the elements? Your class certainly will be! You and your pupils will investigate wind turbine design in this highly engaging workshop, by testing four different turbine blade shapes to find out which gives the most energy output. CfE: Science > Planet Earth > Energy Sources and Sustainability; Technologies > Technological Developments in Society

Exhibtion and Tour 

Windfarm Tour (included in all visits)

See a real wind turbine up close and feel the power of the wind in our tour around Whitelee! You might not believe it, but these gigantic structures are the same height as 25 double-decker buses on top of each other! Make your own assessment of the wind speed and learn more about nature conservation and the wildlife that lives at Whitelee.

Exhibition Area (included in all visits)

Spend time with the interactive, hands-on exhibits where you can build your own windfarm and test the power of the wind.

If your group just wanted to come up for the guided tour, then we would be more than happy to accommodate you. Please email us

Organising an Education Visit to Whitelee Wind Farm?

  • Education visits to Whitelee Wind Farm are Monday to Friday 10.00–12.00 or 12.30–14.30.
  • It costs just £3 per pupil (max 36 pupils). Normal adult/carer ratios apply (1 adult free per 10 pupils).

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