The inside of a human head is revealed by an MRI scan


Feed your curiosity and get hands-on with fascinating phenomena in Explore!. This unmissable experience will nurture your inner scientist and inspire you to see the world around you in a new way.

Make a splash with sound, avoid detection by a thermal camera and strike a pose with colourful shadows. Located on the first floor of Glasgow Science Centre, the Explore! gallery is filled with over 50 interactive experiences – all included with your Science Mall ticket.

Ready, set, Explore!

We are all scientists

We are all born with a natural curiosity that drives us to learn about the world around us. As we grow, we develop our skills.

We make observations, we categorise things, we look for relationships, we make models, we find reasons why things occur.

These universal behaviours allow us to reveal the workings of the world around us. They are also the fundamental behaviours of scientists. In essence, we are all scientists.

Nurture your inner scientist

By developing your scientific skills, you can unravel the mysteries of nature. Here are our top five tips.

  • Stay curious

    Curiosity motivates us to explore.​ We are all born with an eagerness to figure things out. By continuing to ask questions as we grow older, we open up new worlds and possibilities.

  • Think creatively​

    Creative thinking allows us to imagine the unknown.​ Both creativity and imagination help us to develop theories that describe the workings of the world.

  • Work together​

    Working with others yields new insights.​ Science benefits from diversity. Bringing together people with different perspectives, ideas and experiences leads to breakthroughs.

  • Keep an open mind​

    New evidence can overturn a scientific theory.​ Being open-minded allows us to change our view when it is supported by evidence. This way, science evolves to continually extend our understanding.

  • Ask questions​

    Critical thinking is at the heart of science.​ Careful scrutiny and a healthy spirit of questioning helps us to dig beneath the surface to generate knowledge that is robust and durable.

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Explore! has been made possible through the support of the Inspiring Science Fund – a partnership between UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and Wellcome.

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