Public Engagement

A boy's eye appears huge through a magnifying glass. An expert sits beside him.

At Glasgow Science Centre, we have many opportunities for Public Engagement. It’s a great forum for sharing your work or research with our visitors.

Every year, we work alongside experts and researchers to showcase STEM research, career opportunities and build science capital for school, family, adult and community audiences.

Watch our video below (2 min 20 sec) to get a flavour of the exciting range of public engagement opportunities that take place here from; tabletop activities, workshops and lectures to live digital events, podcasts and written interviews.

As well as discovering opportunities to deliver public engagement at Glasgow Science Centre, we have a training course too. Read on to find out more and for regular updates from us, subscribe to our Public Engagement newsletter.


Our public engagement training course will have you feeling confident and well-equipped to engage diverse audiences and communicate your work through hands-on STEM-learning experiences.


Opportunities for public engagement at Glasgow Science Centre...

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Public Engagement Newsletter

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