A community learner interacts with the Powering the Future exhibits

Community Learning

We want to inspire everyone to love learning about science, not just the little ones. That’s why we’re proud to have engaged over 4000 people as part of the adult-focused Community Learning project since August 2012. Our connection with the Community Learning and Development Standards Council means we have a needs-led approach and can tailor a visit to you. Whether you're looking for short term courses in Glasgow or you're part of a local group, everyone is welcome – we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the wonder of Glasgow Science Centre.

The great benefits of community learning at GSC
•    We welcome deaf and hard of hearing visitors
•    Great accessibility
•    Reviewed by Euan’s Guide
•    Free parking for blue badge holders
•    Special events to suit individual needs, e.g. planetarium shows for the visually impaired 


Get in touch to find out what GSC can do for your community and we’ll get back to you promptly. 


Flourish House

…after a few days we’ve already got 5 people signed up, which is a big thing
for us. We have found that the Science Centre brings with it a certain prestige
that our members really respond to. It has been great to see how many
people signed up and continually attended the Healthy World course, and I
hope this can be the beginning of more partnerships between Flourish House
and the Science Centre.

Wesley Chung, Manager


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