The International Space Station above the Earth as viewed from within the Planetarium at GSC

The Planetarium

Connecting with the Cosmos

What is The Planetarium?

The Planetarium at Glasgow Science Centre is a spectacular state-of-the-art fulldome digital projection system. In our live presenter-led shows, piloted by our expert team of astronomers and science bods, we’ll take you on fantastic journeys through the solar system, into the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond… it’s a truly out of this world experience.

You can also enjoy spectacular fulldome films, like "We Are Aliens" which is narrated by Rupert Grinch. Or, Join showman extraordinaire "The Great Schiaparelli" for "The Great Solar System Adventure". These are displayed 360° across the 15-metre hemispherical dome of the Planetarium giving a truly immersive experience.

Marvel at our Space Zone while you wait to board the Planetarium and lift off into the cosmos for the journey of a lifetime.

Immersive Fulldome Music Experiences

Immersive full-dome Planetarium experiences are sure to delight fans of legendary rock bands Queen and Pink Floyd. 'Queen Heaven' pairs some of the band’s greatest hits with colourful images and archive footage, while 'Dark Side of the Moon' sets iconic album tracks alongside captivating visuals all in the striking surroundings of Glasgow Science Centre’s Planetarium.

Before each show, one of our expert astronomers will whisk audiences off on a tour of the cosmos. Special experiences for music lovers and planetarium fans alike.

How to Book

Connect with the cosmos and choose an Add-On ticket to visit The Planetarium and enjoy one of our live presenter-led star shows, or a fulldome film, when you book your visit to Glasgow Science Centre.

The annual David Elder Lectures, in partnership with the University of Strathclyde's Physics Department, run in The Planetarium over the winter months from September to March. Tickets for each lecture will be available in advance through our Whats On.

Our immersive fulldome music experiences are available as standalone tickets. Book Queen Heaven or Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.


Please note: Ten individual hearing loops are available in the Planetarium. Please speak to a member of staff if this would help you enjoy your experience.

Follow @GSCPlanetarium on Twitter for the latest news and space chat from the planetarium team.

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