Supporting Pride at GSC

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Posted on June 15th 2018
Pride lab coats at GSC

My name is Gillian Hazlegreaves and I started at the Science Centre as a Customer Service Assistant/Science Communicator. After one and a half years I also now support the science learning team on the admin side of things, to help them deliver the incredible shows and workshops here at GSC. It is such a rewarding job to be able to see what we do help develop people's knowledge of science and expand their interest.

This July will see Glasgow turn every colour of the rainbow. For us here at Glasgow Science Centre we will be no different. In this month we celebrate Glasgow Pride! A time where people of all colours, backgrounds, careers and lifestyles come together with one major goal… to unify our society!

On a personal note, Pride is important to me as I feel strongly that as a society we should support and love each other no matter what our race, gender or sexuality. Pride allows so many people to unite and support one another openly. 

I am proud to work with such a variety of people here at GSC and felt we would be an excellent addition to the Pride movement. Within our values we look to promote scientific thinking, without bias or opinion, and this is something important we need to share with the community of Glasgow. Past and present members of the LGBT community have enthused so many with their astounding discoveries; let's celebrate these remarkable individuals and inspire the scientists of the future.

I was informed by the ‘LGBT STEM’ group that involvement by groups such as ourselves is unfortunately still rare at these events, and because of this reason we all need to get together, get on board and show Glasgow that #WeAreAllScientists

Come and say hello!

Come and say hi at Pride, we have our BodyWorks on Tour exhibits there, and check out our rainbow labcoats in the Pride Parade!


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