Curiosity Live - Our celebratory event

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Posted on June 4th 2018
Excitement bursts out from GSC

Here at GSC we are lucky enough to be able to work with a huge number of different STEAM professionals, which is a fancy way of saying scientists. 

Whether they are from universities, industry, private companies, charities, schools, or a local community group, anyone can be an expert in our eyes. 

You might have been lucky enough to visit us in the past when we have been running our “Meet the Expert” programme, taking part in a research study or learning about the exciting science right here in Glasgow.

Now, we're taking it even further, we’re going to fill the whole building with STEAM professionals from all walks of life to come in and share what they do, with you! 

From 15th to 17th June, Curiosity Live will be a celebration of science. There will be as many as 20 different groups in the building ready to engage you with their work. 

The Centre for Cell Engineering from the University of Glasgow will be here, discussing their world changing research into 3D printing of bone tissue, with the ultimate goal to help repair fractures and bone damage! I know, right, how incredible does that sound. And it’s happening right here in Glasgow! Take a look at a video we made with them to showcase their work below.

Speaking of 3D printing, we will be welcoming a student society in to share how they crowdfund and then print bionic limbs for children, and then give them out free of charge. Again, this is happening here in Glasgow.

Further afield, we will also have the Universities of Edinburgh, Heriot Watt, Stirling and St Andrews and even the Imperial College of London here for the weekend. Representing as much of the work going on in STEM across Scotland and indeed in the UK is really important to us. 

But of course, it’s not just universities and or traditional science we will be exploring. The National Museum of Scotland, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Glasgow School of Art will be here too. 

I would be here all day if I tried to explain everything that is going on, so instead keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter pages as we share in the coming days who exactly will be in the building and you can take a look at films with lots of different contributors that we've made by clicking here. History really is being made in our country as I write and we're very proud to bring people into the building who are each doing their bit in their specialisms. Maybe this will be you one day? Or perhaps you're already doing it, whoever you are, come and celebrate with us later this June.

Sam Langford,
Science Learning Coordinator



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