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At Glasgow Science Centre, we have many opportunities for Public Engagement. It’s a great forum for sharing your work or research with our visitors.

Every year, we work alongside experts and researchers to showcase STEM research, career opportunities and build science capital for school, family, adult and community audiences.

There is a broad range of Public Engagement opportunities from; tabletop activities, workshops and lectures to live digital events, podcasts and written interviews.

Current Public Engagement Opportunities

In Person events 

We are working on our public engagement programme, check back soon for upcoming events or sign up for our public engagement newsletter below.

Digital opportunities 


Spark of Science - Radio 

A Spark of Science is a short 2-minute science sound bite for radio to spark imagination and curiosity. These pieces are produced weekly and aired across 6 community radio stations with an estimated 70,000 listenership. They are also published on podcast platforms for on-demand listening. 

We’re looking for contributors to work with us to write exciting and interesting scripts about any science topic, aimed at families and specifically 7-14-year-olds, which can then be recorded with our in-house team. If you’d like to be involved, get in touch for more information! 

Explore and listen to previous episodes on Spotify

If these events appeal to you and you would like to creatively spread your STEM research to a wider audience in a fun and relaxed setting - get in touch at [email protected] 

If you'd like to work with us on public engagement outwith our seasonal programme of events, such as on funded projects or research grants, we'd also like to hear from you!


Please note, all in person activity will require:

  • Public Liability Insurance from your organisation
  • Risk Assessment with Method Statement 
  • If using any chemicals, we will need a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and a COSHH assessment
  • Any electrical equipment that needs to be plugged into the mains will need a PA Test (portable appliance) carried out within the last 12 months.

Interested in public engagement training?

Learn more about our public engagement course informed by over 20 years' of expertise in delivering engaging STEM experiences.



Public Engagement Newsletter

All of our public engagement opportunities will be advertised through our public engagement e-newsletter, you can sign up here!

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