ORE Catapult Power Available Hackathon 28-29th October, 2019

Client: Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult
Delegates seated at laptops participating in the hackathon

Venue Requirements

Our event was quite complex, and came with a long list of needs for the venue. We needed somewhere where the participating teams in the Hackathon would be able to safely work over a period of 36 hours (including overnight) with catering, good internet connectivity, AV, and plenty of room for the teams to spread out. The added bonus of having a variety of hotels nearby was excellent. The linkage between holding the event in the iconic building of the Science Centre and running a science/technology hackathon was also a nice fit.

Event Overview

The event was a Hackathon competition. An opportunity for teams of up to six to compete and solve a challenge set by a big industrial player in the wind energy sector. They had access to industry expertise and the necessary data and were competing for a £10,000 prize.


The event was extremely successful, in no small part down to the Science Centre staff. They were extremely accommodating and friendly at all times (even the not so pleasant times through the night), and during set up and pack down they were on hand for all our needs. The catering was excellent. We would definitely consider holding more events at the Science Centre.

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