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#GSCAtHome during lockdown

The hugely popular series of over 115 #GSCAtHome videos are freely available, at all times, to households looking for fun and educational science to enjoy at home during lockdown.

Gather the household together every day at 10am as our team of science communicators bring you exciting science activities to try at home and things to learn together.

Our team are working to put together curated, curriculum-linked, #GSCAtHome playlists suitable for lockdown learning at home, in particular for families with young children aged 7 and under.

For week beginning 25 January, our suggested #GSCAtHome playlist is Food, Glorious Food

Food, glorious food.

Pupils will learn how their bodies digest food, the chemicals and chemical reactions that make their food tasty, and what other living things eat.

  • Journey Through My Body
  • Cake in a Cup
  • Taste-a-long
  • Home-made Ice Cream
  • Sunshine Food

You'll find all these videos in the Food, Glorious Food playlist on YouTube.

We also love seeing the results of your home experiments, so don’t forget to share your photos and videos with us using #GSCAtHome.

For week beginning 18 January, our suggested #GSCAtHome playlist is Our Place in Space. Come on a journey through space that'll span the Solar System!

An illustration shows space with a planet and rocket.

Pupils will gain an idea of the size of the Solar System, and Earth's place within it. They will be able to describe some characteristics of the other planets, and design their own.

  • Scale Model of the Solar System
  • Tour of Earth
  • Three Things About Saturn
  • Tour of the Dwarf Planets
  • Design Your Own Planet

You'll find all these and some extra related videos in the Our Place in Space playlist on YouTube.

Our suggested #GSCAtHome programme for week beginning 11 January 2021...

We've rounded up a list of #GSCAtHome videos that are perfect for under 7s, whether you're homeschooling, teaching, or simply looking for a hands-on family activity to get creative with:

More online content to enjoy from GSC... Our World Our Impact - The Hub

The Hub’ is your one-stop-shop to explore Our World Our Impact - our biggest climate change campaign to date as Glasgow gears up for the COP26 climate change summit in November 2021 - and features exclusive clips from live events, activities and workshops, educational resources and more...

As an educational charity, Glasgow Science Centre wants to continue keeping everyone inspired with science.⁣ Thanks for all your support.


We also have a growing range of curriculum-linked teacher resources to view and download.

Our Future Energy

Our Future Energy is an interactive website for teachers to find energy-themed resources for use in the classroom, or for 11-16 year old students for self-led study. Engage in the science underpinning the critical issues related to future energy supply and equip young people with the knowledge to form their own informed opinion of the energy mix. The website features a bank of curriculum-aligned resource materials for schools in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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View all our #GSCAtHome videos on our YouTube playlist below.

Catch-up on every #GSCAtHome activity to date and enjoy them all over again, anytime!


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