Two young people explore the pieces of a 3D jigsaw globe.

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Maths Week Scotland

This year we celebrated “The Beauty of Maths” with our friends at Maths Week Scotland, promoting the joy of maths and numeracy through arts and culture. We looked at how important maths is to our everyday life, took on a tangram challenge and painted some beautiful rangoli and Fibonacci sequence inspired artwork.

If you’d like to find out more, our very own Sheena McDonald wrote an article about Maths Week, you can read it here on our blog.

Two people stand at an exhibit with a Sierpiński triangle

A young person holds a picture they've made using maths

A young person makes a jigsaw puzzle

painted pictures made using maths

people painting at a desk using light boxes to trace patterns

A picture of maths

A young person paints a picture using Maths

Home Education Scotland visit

HE brought a group of young people aged 12 years and over into the Science Centre for a screening of “Living Proof”.

The young people interacted with the community exhibits and ended the day with some maths puzzles.

A young person standing against the backdrop of a Earth holds a globe

Two young people explore the pieces of a 3D jigsaw of Earth.

Earth Allies visit

Our Earth Allies young people are pictured below on their reward visit to Glasgow Science Centre in 2022. Having completed a 12-week online climate activism course with us they also collected their certificates and book.

When asked to sum up what they had learned and gained from the course, they highlighted learning about our planet and being able to spread awareness of the climate crisis focusing on what they can do in their families and communities.

One participant said, "I used to be quite shy but through trying the debate, the words flow more naturally now. Through being involved in conversations, I have become more confident."

A group of young people and science centre staff member sit around a table in The Bothy.

Two young people from our Earth Allies group are smiling whilst seated at a table in The Bothy.

Glasgow Disability Alliance - BAME network event

Sheena from the Community Learning team was asked to talk at the BAME network event which is a part of the Glasgow Disability Alliance, GDA. We are very good partners with GDA and it gave us the opportunity to thank them for their continued collaborative partnership and enjoy listening to the BAME members on how being part of the GDA has a positive effect on their lives.

A group photo shows attendees together, all looking towards the camera.


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