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Looking to plan your schedule around what is coming up on #GSCAtHome? We are continuously working - at home - to build a programme of activity, so the information provided below will be updated regularly.

Please do not try to recreate demonstrations at home, unless otherwise specified.

Read on to find out what is coming up on #GSCAtHome over the next few days including our #BigBiodiversityWeek from 1 to 7 June...


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Monday 1 to Sunday 7 June. Make some time for nature - celebrate the biodiversity of our environment and life on Earth on #GSCAtHome with a special programme of at-home activities, experiments and science. Friday 5 June is World Environment Day and every day at 10 am this week, #GSCAtHome presents a biodiversity-themed video to share with you - from dogs to snakes to turtles to plants to minibeasts and so much more!

Tremendous Turtles

Wednesday 3 June. Learn with Abi about the tremendous life of sea turtles and ocean biodiversity. Make your own origami turtle friend. You will need some paper and scissors to make the origami turtle. A PDF download will be available. Adult permission and supervision required. Ideal for all the family. View on YouTube.

Download the GSC At Home - Tremendous Turtles Origami PDF.

'Robyn and the Robin' by Glasgow Science Centre

Thursday 4 June. Not all scientists work in labs. Discover this and more in the sweet little story about a robin and a scientist introduced and read by Sam. You may want to have some pens, pencils or crayons, and some paper to draw on as you imagine what a scientist looks like. Ideal for all the family. View on YouTube.


A PDF version of 'Robyn and the Robin' is available to download for free.

Bug Count on #WorldEnvironmentDay

Friday 5 June. It's World Environment Day! Learn with Amy about the important jobs that minibeasts do for our planet and carry out your own bug count survey. You will need a notepad and pencil. A PDF download will be available. Adult permission and supervision required. Ideal for all the family.

Download the GSC At Home - Bug Count Tally Tables PDF.

Plant Maze

Saturday 6 June. Join Fergus to see how to germinate seeds in soil and find out how plants change shape to reach sunlight. You will need: plant seeds (sweet peas work well); a plant pot, soil, a cardboard box, scissors, and tape. Adult permission and supervision required. Ideal for ages 5 and over.

Colour Blindness in Dogs

Sunday 7 June. Sam is back with Penny the dog to explore vision in animals and how it is different from how humans see the world. Ideal for all the family.

All subject to change, but we'll do our best!

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