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Curious About Our Planet: 29 September - 1 October.

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When developing this event, we spoke with Climate Cafe who host a range of cafes in Scotland and globally.

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Get Ready Glasgow: Go here for regular updates on COP26 planning which looks at changes to traffic, travel, city services, businesses and safety.

Zero Waste Scotland - How to run community-led campaigns

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Climate Cafe : 2040 Film Screening and Panel Discussion | 10 August 2021, 11am

One of Scotland’s Climate Change mitigation plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero is to transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources. In the film, 2040 we saw a

Marine Permaculture and Seaweed farming are some of the current nature-based solutions to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. Seaweed does not require any land clearing, freshwater resources or fertiliser to grow. Instead, seaweed mitigates or reduces the effects of climate change by capturing and storing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

The Doughnut Economy was introduced to us during the film screening and offers up an alternative to how we can look at our own economy. More information about the Doughnut economy, how it works and real-life applications can be found here:

Climate Cafe : Climate Change, Accessibility and Transport Panel Discussion | 11 August 2021, 10am

Centre for Transport Studies, University College of London 

  • Professor Nick Tyler’s Slides - click here.
  • Personal Environment Activity Research Laboratory (PEARL) is a unique facility that explores the ways people interact with their environment. You can find out more about PEARL and Professor Nick Tyler’s research here and

Transport for All is a pan-impairment organisation that focuses exclusively on travel and transport.

Climate Cafe : Climate Conversations | 11 August 2021, 13.30pm

This session was facilitated by Pam Candea from The Surefoot Effect. The Surefoot Effect is a community-interest company that equips people, communities and organisations with skills for sustainability and resilience. Find out more about The Surefoot Effect.

Links and Resources Pam used during the Climate Conversations session:

Sustainable Diets

Fuel Poverty

Other Resources that might also be helpful from conversations that were had during consultations can be found in the sections below.

Food Resources

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