The Great Solar System Adventure!

Join showman extraordinaire "The Great Schiaparelli" as he takes the audience on a death-defying space-time adventure within his wondrous Observatorium.

From the sun-scorched surface of Mercury to the icy expanses of Pluto and beyond, prepare to be subjected to the myriad dangers and wonders of our Solar System, on a breathtaking tour that reveals just how precious our home planet really is.

Be warned though, the Observatorium isn’t just for show. It will transport the audience right to the heart of some of the deadliest locations in our slice of the heavens. It’s going to take some fancy flying to get everyone back in one piece!

This new fulldome 2D film from NSC Creative is available for the first time in The Planetarium this summer as an Add-On to your Day Ticket.

When is this on?

Today 15:00
Wednesday 24th July 15:00
Thursday 25th July 15:00
Friday 26th July 15:00


This event is available as an add-on to your admission ticket at each of the times above.

About the Planetarium


The Planetarium at Glasgow Science Centre has been upgraded to a spectacular, state-of-the-art, fulldome digital projection system (what a mouthful!). Our shows are live presenter-led or film based to take you on a journey through the solar system, into the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond, offering a truly out-of-this-world experience. Our spectacular full dome films display 360 degrees across the 15-metre hemispherical dome of the planetarium. It really is spellbinding stuff.