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Posted on May 1st 2018
Peter with his egg!

Hello, my name is Peter Mackey and I am nine years old. I am very proud to be able to write a blog for Glasgow Science Centre. I was given a Science passport as a Christmas present, which is great, because it means I can go to the Science Centre as often as I want, which is a lot! There are so many amazing activities and exhibits to try out and they change all the time, so it never gets boring. I do not like queuing, so when you go in to the Science Centre there are lots of interesting facts to read while you wait, which makes it easier. You will also be given a map, and you can look at the What’s on board to help you plan what you are going to do. If you are not able to queue, there are lots of activities at the side you can join in on.

The first place I usually go to, is the illusions and special effects rooms, which are cool. We always go to the Live Science shows, where the Scientists do loads of amazing experiments and sometimes ask for volunteers from the audience to come down and try them out. I have just been to the Pure Random Science show, which has loads of cool experiments which involve fire, gas, liquid, bubbles and lots more. There was a spinning wheel with numbers on it, which told the Scientists what experiments they were going to do next. The Scientist who presented the show that I saw was called Jennifer, and she was funny. There is a gigantic Planetarium on the first floor, where you can watch documentaries about space and see Glasgow’s sky at night. If you tell the presenters your favourite planet, they can zoom into it, and tell you facts about it. The Planetarium is brilliant in many ways, but most of all because it makes what you see, look 3D.

The second floor is about technology and engineering. There is a dance floor that always cheers people up (as they have to dance to make it work), a hurricane tube, solar panel and energy activities, and you can build a water dam with blocks. I have just done the Egg drop challenge, where you were asked to make a safety container to protect an egg, and drop it from the top of the stairs. It was really fun. Unfortunately, I got scrambled egg, but I’m going to go again, and try and make a better design. Maybe you could try this too? There is a Think it ideas wall for kids and adults to tell the staff their ideas, to make the Science Centre an even more brilliant experience. They really do listen to your ideas, they did to mine.

The third floor is one of my favourite floors because it is the Bodyworks level, which tells you about your senses, what your body can do, and what it looks like inside. There is a giant pin board where you can make body shapes on it and lots of activities that can make you fit, like a giant hamster wheel, bar holding test, a sprint timer, and hit the button challenge. Sometimes they have a live lab where the Scientists cut up organs, which is yucky and interesting at the same time, but you have gloves and hand gel so it’s fine.

 I have high functioning autism. The Science centre runs Autism friendly hours where it’s much quieter, the music is   turned down and the lights get dimmed, which I think is important. There are quiet spaces too that have sensory   boxes if people feel stressed or overstimulated. The boxes have sensory things in it like fidget spinners.

 If you are hungry you can go to the Taste café. It’s really cool as you can see the tower, the Armadillo, the Waverley and the Clyde. There are lots of different things you can eat. I get a Kids packed lunch bag, where you can choose 5   things to eat or drink. There are lots of different types of food you can choose, so that’s good.

 Just outside the Science Centre is the IMAX cinema which has the biggest screen in Scotland. I have seen nature documentaries and movies there in 3D which is fantastic.


Come and join me

I’ve taken my friends to the Science centre and they loved it so much that they got passports as well. Why don’t you   come along and see what it’s like, I’m definitely sure you’ll have a great time!


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