Paulina's Diary: My week

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Posted on August 3rd 2018
Paulina, Rosie and Sharon

A bit about me...

My name is Paulina Zurakowska and I’m 17 years old. Soon, I will be beginning  my sixth and final year in Secondary School before hopefully attending a University. I am originally from Poland, however I moved to Scotland when I was only five. In order to improve my English, my parents took me to the library throughout my childhood which is where my love of reading and writing stemmed from. Since then, I have been avidly reading and writing as a hobby and passion, and now aspire to study English literature and hopefully get involved within the Publishing Industry.

My week...

When I received an email from the SMF (The Social Mobility Foundation, a programme I have been involved with for a few months now) offering me an internship placement at Glasgow Science Centre, although I had been ecstatic, I was also a little confused. I was an aspiring publisher, a humanities pupil through and through, so I was intrigued to see what an internship at a science centre with its communications team would have in store for me.

My week began on the Monday, at six o’clock in the morning, which to me, after three weeks of dozing off to la-la land until two o’clock in the afternoon seemed unfathomable. But yet here I was, proud of my accomplishment of waking up (after two cups of coffee), even though I realised that I desperately needed to sort out my sleeping schedule.I managed to get myself ready, still half-asleep, before leaving my house, ready to start my week as an intern at Glasgow Science Centre, a place where I couldn’t remember last visiting.

My first day was a perfect taster of what I had ahead of me - it was absolutely terrific! I had the opportunity to explore the environment where I was going to work in with my lovely supervisor, Rosie, and as I wandered around the centre I began to recognised the majority of the building, little fragments of memories being pieced together, one by one like a puzzle.

The most outstanding memory had been my trip to the Planetarium.  When I was told I could go to as many shows as I wanted, I felt like a giddy eight year old again, and it wasn’t for nought. As always, GSC delivered a spectacular show of the enthralling magic of the Planetarium, which I was allowed to write about throughout my week.

I also had the opportunity to have a talk with another member of the communications team to find out more about PR, Sharon, who I found had a lot in common with me and who had shared a similar experience of trying to figure out a career pathway with English. We had a long talk about the different pathways one can take with languages and writing, which admittedly, did open my eyes. I hadn’t expected to find anybody at GSC that I could relate to, and yet here I was, not only being encouraged to keep following my aspirations but also being enlightened by the different career paths I could pursue.

I myself, got to do a PR taster task, which although was something different to what I was used to and the writing style that I usually practiced, I was surprised to admit that I had enjoyed it!

Moreover, I had also been tasked with some admin work; I learnt to use software that I had never used before and I noticed I became far more confident within myself and with my computer skills as I completed the tasks set out for me. As well as this, I finally began to feel more accustomed to the workplace, never having worked in an office setting beforehand.

My week at GSC was absolutely remarkable and  enriching; I have gained knowledge about the workplace I wouldn’t have ever received anywhere else, I met some lovely people and have definitely grew as a person as now I feel more confident reaching out to strangers and handling tasks on my own, while also learning that it’s alright to ask for help when you do need it. 

I now understand why I was offered this placement, and definitely believe that Glasgow Science Centre is for people from all walks of life and with all different interests - the whole experience has really broadened my mind.

I would just like to say a thank you to the communications team for all the help, advice and support you offered throughout, I have been pleasantly surprised to be able to do what I loved, in a place that was dedicated to a sector that was completely different to mine, (which I also appreciated).

My week was absolutely fantastic, it wouldn't have been the same without you.

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