Paulina's Diary: Flame On

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Posted on August 13th 2018

The first thing that comes to mind when the word science is uttered, is probably experiments, lab coats, explosions and weirdly coloured liquids… well,  that is until you go to school and realise that there’s not as much time for all that fun stuff and get nudged away with a textbook. 

That is why, I believe, many people love the Science Centre; because the guys at GSC remind you how much fun it actually is, and that learning isn't dull!

I was reminded this week, when I went to the Flame On! The Science of Fire science show. It was absolutely fantastic! The lights and music used and the humorous personalities of both the presenters made me forget that I was actually learning, enjoying the impressive show. It was hardly surprising as to why every seat had been filled to the brim and although I had awkwardly struggled to find a chair at the beginning of the show, the presenters both made sure that I was seated and had the opportunity to see the spectacle ahead of me.

The experiments were fabulous, the flaring of the fires earning gasps of astonishment and squeals of excitement, even laughter from both the children, the teens and the adults. The presenters were engaging, asking the audience questions, joking, laughing and chatting along with them, all the while keeping professional and safe around all equipment. From the get go, I felt welcomed and not only did I marvel at the experiments, I learnt some useful stuff I probably would have dozed off to if anyone else had tried to explain to me. This way of learning is definitely far more engaging and far more rewarding, and I absolutely recommend going along and enjoying the fun!

A little about Paulina (who interned with us for a week in July):

My name is Paulina Zurakowska and I’m 17 years old. Soon, I will be beginning  my sixth and final year in Secondary School before hopefully attending a University. I am originally from Poland, however I moved to Scotland when I was only five. In order to improve my English, my parents took me to the library throughout my childhood which is where my love of reading and writing stemmed from. Since then, I have been avidly reading and writing as a hobby and passion, and now aspire to study English literature and hopefully get involved within the Publishing Industry.

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