Energy Saving Tips for Kids

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Posted on January 15th 2024

This week (17-23 January) is Energy Saving Week, an annual initiative that encourages people to think about ways to save energy and limit the impact of energy use on the environment.  

To help encourage good eco-friendly habits from a young age, we’ve put together a list of five simple yet powerful tips for children to try during this week and beyond. They may even inspire the whole family to start saving energy! 


Illustration of a child turning on a light and turning off a light

Flip the Switch

It's simple but effective! Whenever you leave a room, make a habit of turning off the light.

illustration of a child putting on a jumper

Layer Up

When you feel the chill at home, grab your cosiest jumper or blanket. This should cut down on the need for central heating or putting on the fire. Our jumpers have got us covered – literally!

Illustration of a two children doing arts and crafts

Reuse and Recycle

Lots of things can be recycled or reused, so think about giving them a second chance next time you want to do arts and crafts. How about turning an egg carton into a spaceship or transforming a cereal box into a birthday card?

Illustration of a child using a watering can to water flowers in a pot

Reuse Water in the Garden

Doing the washing up might be boring, but your plants will love it. Instead of sending all that water down the drain, use it to water the garden!


Power Down

When you’re not playing games, watching TV or charging an electronic device, remember to switch them off at the plug. This helps stop energy from being wasted.  


We hope these tips have inspired you to do your bit. Remember – wee changes can make a big difference! 


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