Design a Climate Museum Challenge

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Posted on February 21st 2022

“There are thousands of science centres and museums around the world, which help inspire and empower people every day through providing reliable and trusted information. They are a trusted information hub on everything from ancient Egypt to quantum physics. They could also help people have the information and skills to tackle climate change in their community.” - Reimagining Museums for Climate Change.


As part of the Curious About: Our Planet online science festival which was live during October of 2021, Reimaging Museums for Climate Change ran a Design a Climate Change Museum in partnership with Glasgow Science Centre. The winners of the competition are class P7B from St Timothy’s Primary School.

P7B understands that climate change is happening all over the world and happening fast. They have been learning what the world could look like in the future and how we can start tackling problems in the environment today. The whole class submitted their ideas of what a climate change museum could look like and the value it would bring to the community. The used models, pictures and Minecraft to show us their ideas.

"It was amazing seeing people experimenting with Minecraft." - Olivia McLeavy


"I think using games such as Minecraft is a great way to explore learning, as more kids will be interested in using technology to express their ideas." - Caoimhe Moore


The students considered how they would build the museums, prioritising natural materials like wood and stone. There was an emphasis on using recycled materials and even suggestions of re-using waste plastics for repairs to the building and exhibits. Inside their museums they wanted to highlight the issues around plastic pollution, the melting ice caps, increased cases of forest fires and the threats to wildlife. People would be able to visit the museums to learn about these topics and about what they could do to stop the climate crisis!

Here are some of the fantastic ideas for a Climate Change Museum designed by P7B:

A collage shows pupils' design ideas for a Climate Change Museum

St Timothy’s have been very busy working on their climate change topics with the help of their STEM Club lead by Miss Mooney. On the lead up to COP26 each class worked on a topic based around the Sustainable Development Goals.

St Timothy's Primary and Nursery School

"It's crazy how young people like us can develop such amazing skills." - Lucas Woods


Each class made climate pledges and took part in creating videos sharing what they learned with others. They even premiered a climate change film created by students in which they imagined what they would ask world leaders about climate change. You can watch their 2-part climate learning assembly, featuring an exclusive interview with the stars of the climate change film here:

St Timothy's COP26 Assembly Part 1

St Timothy's COP26 Assembly Part 2

There are lots of exciting climate action projects happening at St Timothy’s Primary School. The pupils separate the bottles and caps from any plastic bottles used in the dining hall and are running a competition to make a mural using the caps. The STEM club members are always available to support their classmates with what they learn in their club and have a science fair coming up soon! The older students present to their peers and younger students to promote STEM learning.

"It is a wonderful feeling knowing all these young pupils know so much about Climate Change and how they are going to tackle it together." - Jana Sobze


St Timoothy's P7B pupils and teacher in the science centre.

We love the work that St Timothy’s have been doing and were thrilled to have them visit Glasgow Science Centre earlier this month! Congratulations to P7B, their teacher Miss Slater and their STEM Leader Miss Mooney!


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