A colourful 3D net being made by hand.

Pull-up Nets

Tetrahedrons, octahedrons and cubes oh my! 3D shapes are all around us, in the products we buy and even the packaging they come in. Orla explores how designers use 2D drawings, called nets, to make 3D shapes! We’ll learn about angles and how important they are in a special group of shapes called platonic solids. What are these five shapes and why were they so important to the Ancient Greeks?

Then follow along as Orla shows us how to create your very own amazing pull-up net using paper, a pencil, a ruler, scissors, reusable tac and string. How will you use your 3D inventions? How many nets can you create from a single piece of paper? Take on the challenge that designers and engineers face to create amazing products with very little waste!

If you want try making these at home, use our 3D shape template.

This video was made with support from MathWorks.

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