Make Your Own Lava Lamp

In this GSC At Home video we'll guide you to make your very own lava lamp using some things you may have around the kitchen.

You will need:

  • Help from a grown-up,
  • A clear container,
  • Some cooking oil,
  • Some water,
  • Some food colouring,
  • And an effervescent, or fizzy tablet, like a vitamin C tablet, for example.

You may also want to wear something to protect your clothing from food colouring.

Try experimenting with different sizes or shapes of containers, warm or cold water, different colours, or adding some sparkles.

Once you've finished your experiment, please dispose of the waste responsibly. Do not pour oils down the sink as this can cause blockages.

This experiment is ideal for ages 7 and over, but can be done by younger children with adult supervision. View on YouTube.

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