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STEM Futures

STEM Futures is an exciting programme of Workshops for S3 - S6 to spark an interest in STEM and support pupils in making vital connections to the world of work. Developed in partnership with industry funders all workshops are free of charge. The following workshops are available to book now:


Space Junk Innovation 

For S3 & S4, 1hr -  Wednesday to Friday, 11 – 26 September 2024

In this hands-on experience pupils will explore their potential future in Scotland’s space industry. Discover the diverse careers available, from engineers and programmers to mission controllers. Students will code a model satellite’s trajectory through space, navigating physical challenges such as space junk and other satellites along its journey. A career in space may be closer than you think!  

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Aerospace Engineering Work Readiness Workshop

For S5-S6, 4.5hrs - Dates available on demand

In this thrilling full-day workshop, students get to pilot Scotland's only full-motion flight simulators while discovering the fascinating world of aerospace engineering. Ignite their passion and reveal the vast array of engineering jobs that await them in the aerospace industry, from satellites and rockets, to planes and drones.

Don't miss this chance to inspire your students and pave the way for exciting STEM careers. These workshops are free and come with a transport grant thanks to support from MathWorks.

To enquire please email us at [email protected]

Innovation Workshops

For S3-S4 level - coming autumn 2024!

An Innovation Workshop is an exciting experience that opens doors to unexpected job opportunities for students in Scotland. These workshops go beyond the conventional and introduce students to diverse and fascinating career paths they may not have known existed. Expert facilitators guide students through interactive sessions, unveiling the potential of various professions and industries in the Scottish STEM Industry.

The workshops act as eye-opening experiences, empowering students to break free from conventional notions and consider alternative career paths that may lead to exciting and rewarding futures. 

Join us for an Innovation Workshop at Glasgow Science Centre and embark on a journey of discovery and opportunities!

Pupils take part in a STEM Futures workshop

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