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Time saving resources and experiences that support curriculum outcomes in science, technologies, numeracy and literacy. 

Learning Lab is a unique STEM programme that supports teachers and inspires students through varied learning experiences that take place over several weeks. Each programme – there are 10 to choose from! - comprises lesson plans, worksheets, video content and interactions with experts as well as professional learning and homework activities. 

The curriculum-linked content is delivered by class teachers with step-by-step resources and ongoing support from Learning Lab staff. Classroom learning is enhanced by a free visit to Glasgow Science Centre or a visit from GSC on Tour. 

Thanks to generous support from our partners, many programmes are free to access, with transport subsidies available to reduce bus costs for science centre visits.

Since 2020, over 2,000 teachers and 56,000 pupils across Scotland have taken part in Learning Lab. It’s an exciting way for pupils to explore hands-on science, meet inspirational professionals, and discover that we are all scientists.

“These resources made teaching STEM much easier and all children thoroughly enjoyed exploring each module.”

“I would like to say a huge thank you to all the people who make these Learning Labs possible. The children take great pleasure from these lessons and are gifted with an abundance of knowledge and understanding of STEM”

"My favourite thing about Learning Lab is the video calls because I liked seeing a real scientist." - pupil

"The Learning Lab has been an excellent opportunity for Glasgow City Council schools…The content is relevant, engaging and mapped to Curriculum for Excellence which has allowed for easy integration into the classroom. The content challenges pupils to apply their skills and understanding to real life contexts and supports teachers to deliver high quality learning experiences." - Glasgow City Council Education Department


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