Irn Bru bottle thrown off Glasgow Tower

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The results are in

Find out if the glass bottle of "Glasgow's Finest" survives its fall!

The Legal Bit

The experiments featured in this video are performed by trained professionals using scientific equipment in controlled environments. Please do not attempt to copy, re-create, or perform these experiments (or anything similar) without professional training, as personal injury, death and/or property damage may occur.

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As 700 hungry weans will tell you, ye cannae fling pieces out a twenty story flat, but can you throw a glass bottle of ginger from Glasgow Tower? Science Sam grabs his safety harness and travels 40 metres up the iconic city landmark to find out if he can save the glass bottle ending up in the big bottle bank in the sky.

Terry the Teacake 

Watch the incredible footage of "Terry" the Teacake as he travels above Glasgow, Scotland and beyond! 

Highlights of Terry's space adventures:

  • Terry was airborne for 2 hours and 4 minutes from launch until he landed. 
  • His peak altitude was 37,007 metres — it took 1 hour and 29 minutes to reach this point
  • At his peak altitude, Terry would have been exposed to to UV-C, which is a type of harmful ultraviolet radiation which the ozone layer otherwise absorbs to stop it reaching ground level. 
  • It took Terry 40 minutes to return back to earth. 
  • Terry was pretty intact when he landed in a tree in Galloway Forest Park — we did not eat him!

Can you send a teacake into space?

What would happen if you sent one of Scotland's much loved Tunnock's Teacakes into space? 

In the latest Glasgow Science video, we put “Terry the Teacake” through astronaut training where the marshmallow treat took part in a simulated rocket launch, was exposed to the low temperatures and pressure of space and then the blistering heat experienced during re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere!

Did Terry survive his journey into space? Join us on GSC's Facebook and Twitter pages on Friday 13th at 12pm to follow Terry's space adventure and see the incredible sights as he ascends over Glasgow, Scotland and beyond! 

Can you cook a tattie scone with science?


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