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Our World, Our Impact Key Themes Video

What is your hope for the future?

Glasgow Science Centre is bringing the climate conversation into your home, school and community through the #OurWorldOurImpact programme.

Join the discussion as we explore our five key themes together – Climate Justice, Our Planet, Food, Energy, Transport and Travel, and Our Green Futures.

⚖️ Climate Justice - Look beyond the polar caps to the people facing the effects of climate change today.

? Food - Rake through your pantry to discover how what we eat and what we throw away affects our world.

? Our Planet - Discover the wonders of the natural world and find out what we can do to preserve life on our planet.

☀️+ ? Energy, Transport and Travel - Hitch a ride into the world of renewable energy and sustainable transport.

♻️ Our Green Futures - Explore ways we can build a greener, fairer future for generations to come. So, what kind of future do you want to see? Join the conversation, we all have something to say.


Filmmaker: Cameron Mackay




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