The Fuath stands in the water surrounded by fish.

Our Story, Our Future: The Fuath

Glasgow Science Centre's Our Story Our Future is an opportunity to explore the traditional art of storytelling. See how it can inspire minds, strengthen our emotional connection to local environments, and help us to shape our own visions of Scotland's Green Future.

Glasgow Science Centre’s own Abi Jeorrett takes a deep dive into the rich world of Scots folklore to discuss one dreadful monster that might shine some light on the very earliest days of conservationism in Scotland. Listen along, and get involved with a chance to make a monster of your own creation.

This video prompts viewers to get creative, to fashion a creepy creature, and to give it a job that can help us to work towards a greener future. The possibilities are limitless, how can our monsters highlight some very real climate issues?

Additional Resources

The Fuath story takes a wonderful dive into conservationism from a uniquely Western Isles perspective. To learn more about conservationism, humanities impact on fish, and to hear more from the Hebridean community why not dive into a world of content over at our Curious About website (links below).

Video: WWF- Human-wildlife conflict in the Arctic.

Age 8+, Climate Change, Conservation

Join GSC and Rhona Kent, a Polar Oceans Specialist to explore how WWF UK are developing technology that helps to limit human and animal conflict in the Arctic.


Age 8+, Biodiversity, Citizenship, Conservation, Gaelic

An-Dràsta examines how the climate emergency is affecting the Western Isles. It is a plea from our young people to protect our shared futures.

Video: Vanishing Species

Age 8+, Biodiversity, Conservation

This short video by Lily Macfarlane explains why biodiversity loss, extinction and vanishing species really, really matter.


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