A king and princess in a forest. A flame emerges from a cloud of smoke.

Our Story, Our Future: Saving The Forest

Glasgow Science Centre's Our Story Our Future is an opportunity to explore the traditional art of storytelling. See how it can inspire minds, strengthen our emotional connection to local environments, and help us to shape our own visions of Scotland's Green Future.

Join Allison Galbraith as she shares with us the charming tale of Saving The Forest. See how this old story mirrors some very modern-day challenges, be inspired to write a fable of your very own, and celebrate the green spaces we enjoy all around us.

This video invites everyone to get thinking creatively about the importance of green spaces to individuals, and communities, and prompts the viewer to write a persuasive piece on why they must be protected.

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Additional Resources

Saving The Forest highlights the importance of trees to us all. To learn more about the wonderful trees around us, check out some more of our content over at the Curious About website (links below).

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Age 8+, Biodiversity, Conservation

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Take a closer look at the unique patterns we find in nature and appreciate the beauty of leaves while creating amazing art.

Film: The Promise, From Acorn to Oak (time lapse)

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Discover how the majestic oak begins its life from acorn to sapling in this captivating short film.


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