Mammal Tunnel

This week, it's Hedgehog Awareness Week (2nd-8th May)

The UK is home to the European hedgehog (Erinaceus europeaus), only one of 17 species that are found worldwide! We know them as a much-loved yet secretive mammal, however they play an important role in our ecosystem. Their sole diet of insects keeps invertebrate populations in check, which helps us enjoy the spring and summer months! 

As part of our #OurWorldOurImpact programme, we're teaming up with The Conservation Volunteers to show you how you can create your own mammal footprint tunnel!

We're joined by Kirsty Crawford from TCV's HogWatch Scotland cititzen science project who is going to tell us all about the UK's twice-voted favourite mammal, show us how to build our own mammal footprint tunnel to use in the backyard and how to be part of REAL hedgehog research.

HogWatch Scotland - Make a Mammal Tunnel.pdf

If you'd like to find out more about how you can take part in HogWatch, click the button below.

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If you make a mammal tunnel, be sure to tag @gsc1 and @tcvscotland on social media.


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