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Less Waste Laura - Climate Challenges

We have teamed up with eco-warrior and social media influencer @LessWasteLaura on the exciting Climate Challenges campaign. You can browse the challenges below.

Laura is an eco-warrior, zero waste advocate, environmental activist, and ethical influencer. Laura has a passion for the environment and everything which dwells in it, which she advocates for on social media under the name Less Waste Laura. Having just completed her masters in environmental protection and management, she is now spending her time split between working for the international development organisation Tearfund, and running her online platform.

Sustainability is sewn throughout her career, fighting for justice for those most impacted by poverty, and then working on her environmental blog, creating content to educate people about living more sustainably, and giving talks to inspire people to make change. She has always had a passion for sharing knowledge, using what she has learned in her university degrees, to share with everyone, making it accessible for all.

Follow @LessWasteLaura on Instagram or visit her website for more information

Climate Challenges:

Browse each of our Climate Challenges and let us know how many you complete by tagging #OurWorldOurImpact.

4-minute shower challenge

The average shower lasts seven minutes and uses up about 65 litres of fresh, drinkable water. By shaving just three minutes off your shower you could save 27 litres!  

Check out our playlist of four-minute water-saving shower anthems!  

  • All Night Long, Lionel Richie 
  • Take A Chance On Me, ABBA 
  • Fantasy, Mariah Carey 
  • Heaven Is A Place On Earth, Belinda Carlisle  

YouTube Playlist
Spotify Playlist

Active Travel

How we get around has a big impact on our planet. Choosing to walk or cycle over taking the car or even public transport won’t just help our planet it can help form some healthy habits too! 

Less Waste Laundry

There is lots we can do to be more eco-friendly when cleaning our clothes. Choosing a cold wash, a slower spin cycle, airdrying, or using a guppy bag to catch plastic fibres.  

Save on energy and choose a low temperature, low spin wash for your clothes today. 

Audit your fridge

The most sustainable meals are the ones you can make from the food already in your fridge!  

Take some time today to sort through what needs to be used up and create a ‘must eat now’ shelf to make zero waste meals a piece of cake. 

For storage advice check out Love Food Hate Waste’s A-Z of storage. 

Make a low impact meal

Wholegrains, beans, fruit, and vegetables aren’t just healthy for our bodies, they are a healthy choice for the planet too.  

Check out these recipes that put low-carbon ingredients front and centre! 

Borrow, swap, or thrift an outfit

Gifting and swapping clothes with friends can extend their life cycle and help protect our planet. Extending a garment’s life by three months of active wearing can even reduce its carbon, waste, and water footprint by 5-10%.  

Help give your once-loved items a new home by swapping with a friend or selling on online second-hand retailers like eBay, Vinted or Depop.

Sign up to your local library

Libraries are a great resource for reducing our consumption of new products. As we make our way towards a climate friendly future we need to use, reuse, repair and remake. Lending and renting resources like books are a great place to start.

Follow the link below to find your local library and sign up today!


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