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How Did We Get Here? - Donside Hydro

In this series, we celebrate the actions people around the world are taking to tackle climate change, and explore the injustices created by the world’s changing climate.

What is it?
It’s a community-operated hydro-electric station in Aberdeenshire, built in 2016 that currently generates enough energy to power 130 houses. By generating clean energy on their site they are preventing up to 240 tonnes of greenhouse emissions from being released per year.

How did we get here?
The Donside community wanted to become as sustainable as possible and help from the Scottish Government’s CARES Fund was able to make their dream a reality. All the electricity produced is sold back to the National Grid making roughly £30,000 a year which is funnelled back into the community. With the funds they have been able to plant over 1000 trees, set up a community-owned apiary as well as secure land for future community-led projects. 

Not only is Donside helping their environment but they are also raising awareness of how community groups can help. They have facilitated visits and advice for similar projects in Nepal and the Isle of Man. They also provide seminars and tours for two Masters Courses at the University of Aberdeen, the money from which is again fed back into community projects. 

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