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Autism Friendly Hours

Join us for our monthly Autism Friendly Hours — all the same fun of GSC but with much less hustle and bustle on a Sunday morning! We know GSC is an exciting place, bustling with loud sounds and bright lights so we are lowering the volume and softening the lights to allow adults and children with autism to enjoy their visit without additional stress.

Next Date

The next day at Glasgow Science Centre with Autism Friendly Hours is Sunday, 17 November 2019.


09:00–11.00 (you are welcome to stay until we close at 5pm but lighting and volume levels will resume to regular levels from 11am).


Entry for adults and children with autism is £9.50, with one accompanying adult free. For additional guests, normal Science Mall entry prices apply. For groups, please contact 0141 420 5000 for more booking information.

What's On

Download and view the expanded programme information as a PDF.


  • Clever Camouflage

    Start Time: 10:00. Duration: 30 minutes. Designed for learning age 7 and under.

    Investigate how different animals hide in the wild using clever camouflage. Camouflage your very own moth to help it survive in a new environment.

  • Land Yachts

    Start Time: 09:30. This is a drop in session so feel free to arrive and leave any time between 09:30 and 11:00. Duration: 90 minutes. Designed for learning age 8 and over.

    Drop in to design, build and race a model yacht. This is a marathon, not a sprint; how far can your creation travel?

  • DIY Detectives

    Start Time: 10:30. Duration: 30 minutes. Designed for all ages.

    Join us in our Live Lab where we will be trying to crack the case of the missing cake. Explore the world of forensic science to help us solve the crime! This is a presenter led activity where participants will be asked to follow instructions and complete tasks at their tables.

Science Show

  • The Pure Random Science Show

    Start Time: 11:00. Duration: 30 minutes. Designed for all ages.

    Spin the wheel of fortune to decide what experiments our scientists perform. Experience thrilling and spectacular science demos with lots of bangs, flashes and explosions - who knows? It’s just pure random!

Planetarium Show

  • Space Explorers

    Start Time: 11:00. Duration: 30 minutes. Designed for learning age 7 and under.

    The perfect show for younger visitors to our digital Planetarium. Explore the night sky and take a trip to the Moon before flying through the solar system to see a planet up close.

Download the What's On Guide and map for 17 November 2019.


More Information

Please look at the GSC Accessibility Statement before your visit. This may help you become familiar with the building.

We will provide a map which highlights areas of our exhibition floor where you will find:

  • Noisy exhibits you may wish to avoid
  • Sensory experiences
  • Cosy Corners and quiet spaces you can use
  • Ear defenders and weighted blankets you can borrow
  • Toilets

Please be aware that for everyone’s safety we have a fire alarm system in place. In the event of the alarm going off there will unavoidably be a loud noise. Staff will let you know where to go to feel safe.

Future Dates with Autism Friendly Hours

  • 15 December 2019
  • 19 January 2020
  • 23 February 2020
  • 15 March 2020
  • 19 April 2020

Visitor Feedback - 18 March 2018

My wife and I came along to your autism friendly session on Sunday morning with our three year old son. It was clear throughout that careful thought and planning had gone into the session and I’m sure I speak for most, if not all, of the parents there when I say how much it was appreciated. Having a child with autism not only severely limits the activities / places that we can take our son, but also has a massive impact on us as parents when you are acutely aware that your child is unable to take part in activities that other children enjoy.

Your autism friendly session on Sunday gave our whole family a boost and allowed not only my son to express clear enjoyment and excitement but also gave us as parents a chance to enjoy seeing our son playing in a safe environment, exploring different exhibits, gaining new experiences and clearly having a great time playing as any child should be able to.

Thank you to all the staff who were involved and who put obviously genuine effort into making this a success. I hope you have more of these sessions in the future.



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