Science Lates

Science Lates

Science Lates are back!

Imagine you could sneak into Glasgow Science Centre after hours where you'd be free to roam all the exhibits, child-free, with a drink in hand? Well now you can!

Join us for a series of adult-only themed nights where you can explore the science behind all the things you love from sound and screen to cosmos and cocktails. Science Lates will bring together all the exhibits that guests love but let you enjoy them without the kids, gin in hand. There's even a silent disco to kick off your weekend and get your groove on.

We'll be bringing together tasty food, music, experts and workshops from across Glasgow to help you start your night out in style. You will be able to glimpse into far-off galaxies, explore the science behind movies and experience a night of Hallowe'en horror!

Tickets for the Science Lates 2019/20 series are available to purchase online!

Winter Wonderland

6-10:30pm, 29 November 2019

Deck the halls and don your gay apparel as we bring in the festive season. The chestnuts will be roasting and the wine will be mulling in this festive evening, where you can discover how the big man delivers all those gifts using the stars to find his way. View Whats On at Winter Wonderland (PDF).

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Sound and Screen

6-10:30pm, 21 February 2020

You are invited to 'science and chill' as we look at the world of Cinema and Music to celebrate the Glasgow Film Festival. In front of the camera or behind the scenes, there is sure to be something that draws you in as we discover how special effects and sounds are made.

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Inside Your Mind

6-10:30pm, 20 March 2020

Blow your mind at this truly fascinating trip inside what makes you, you. Journey through the vast networks of neurons in our planetarium, have a chat with mindful experts and try our brain altering exhibits and refreshments.

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Our World

6-10:30pm, 17 April 2020

Join us as we celebrate the life, diversity, and culture on this rock we call home. Speak to experts on how we can be greener and try out some upcycling in this wonderful event that celebrates our beautiful blue planet, and our dear green city. Edible bugs, boozy cocktails and a silent disco. Chris "Really Wild Show" Packham would be proud.

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