Past Lectures

Speakers who have contributed a talk to the David Elder lecture series in the Planetarium at Glasgow Science Centre include:

Date Speaker Title
24 Nov 2022 Andy Saunders Apollo Remastered
26 Oct 2022 Prof Lewis Dartnell Origins: How the Earth Made Us
22 Sep 2022 Dr. Hannah Wakeford Diving Through Exoplanet Atmospheres
30 Mar 2022 Dr Sheila Kanani MBE Cassini Huygens and the Lord of The Rings
24 Feb 2022 Prof Martin Hendry Einstein’s Universe: the dawn, and exciting future, of gravitational-wave astronomy
27 Jan 2022 Dr Alice Gorman Archaeology on the Moon
23 Nov 2021 Prof. Mike Brown Planet Nine from Outer Space
7 Oct 2021 Dr. Ben Hamlington Using satellites to understand changing sea leavels
26 Feb 2020 Prof. Philippa Browning Solar Flares: The most energetic explosions in the solar system
29 Jan 2020 Astrid Werkmeister Satellite Applications: Bringing Space Down to Earth
27 Nov 2019 Dr Beth Biller Weird New Worlds
29 Oct 2019 Dr Brooke Simmons Black Holes, Exoplanets, and Hurricanes: Making the next generation of discoveries
25 Sep 2019 Andrea Boyd International Space Station Flight Control
27 Feb 2019 Marcus Chown The Day Without a Yesterday
30 Jan 2019 Prof. ​Mark McCaughrean Once Explorers, Always Explorers
12 Jan 2019 Sue Nelson The Mercury 13 and the Extraordinary Story of a Female Aviation Pioneer​
28 Nov 2018 Dallas Campbell Ad Astra: An Illustrated Guide to Leaving the Planet
31 Oct 2018 Markus Nordberg Connecting the Worlds of Micro to Macro: from Open Science to Open Innovation — CERN as a Case
26 Sep 2018 Prof. Leo Hollberg Space, Time and Quantum Clocks
8 May 2018 Prof. Lyndsay Fletcher Living with a Star
28 Mar 2018 Prof. Matt Griffin Seeing the Invisible Universe: Infrared Astronomy from Space
31 Jan 2018 Prof. Sheila Rowan Gravitational waves – turning on the soundtrack to the Universe
29 Nov 2017 Prof. John Brown Comets – bringers of death, bringers of life, and cosmic probes
25 Oct 2017 Tania Johnston Reaching New Heights in Astronomy
27 Sep 2017 Steve Owens Universe or Multiverse?
15 Jun 2017 Prof. Martin Hendry Exploring The Dark Side of the Universe
2 Mar 2017 Prof. Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Cosmic Fireworks – Finding Transient Events in the Universe

2 Feb 2017 Prof. Monica Grady

Collision and Catastrophe

1 Dec 2016 Dr Matt Taylor

Chasing a Comet

3 Nov 2016 Dr Paul McNamara

LISA Pathfinder and the Hunt for Ripples in Space

6 Oct 2016 Dr Stuart Clark

The Search for Earth's Twin

8 Sep 2016 Prof. Chris Lintott

Is the Milky Way Special?

29 Aug 2016 Prof. Joe Giaime

Gravitational Waves and LIGO

3 Mar 2016 Dr Pippa Goldschmidt Writing in the Stars
4 Feb 2016 Dr Marek Kukula The Intimate Universe
3 Dec 2015 Prof. Massimiliano Vasile Stardust
17 Nov 2015 Dr Bernie Fanaroff The Unseen Cosmos


Glasgow Science Centre is proud to host the David Elder Lectures in partnership with the University of Strathclyde's Department of Physics.


University of Strathclyde - Department of Physics

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