Glasgow Science Centre Planetarium

The night sky as it should be

The Planetarium offers the chance to see a night sky as it should be seen, with thousands of points of light above us. With its amazing star projector and controlled environment, our planetarium enables us to look afresh at the canopied heavens.

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Did you know?

You can count over 9,000 twinkling stars in our planetarium!

Our projector is a Carl Zeiss Starmaster ZMP-TD, one of the best star projectors in the world. It uses advanced fibre optic technology developed by the German company to show stunning views of the stars and planets as they would look from any place on Earth – but without light pollution. Not only that, but take a pair of binoculars and it is possible to study in more detail the features of the Andromeda nebula, the Magellanic Clouds or the Orion nebula.

The magnificent images are only possible through the use of fibre optic technology. The star ball is made up of 12 powerful wide-angle projectors, each covered by its own star mask with up to 1000 ‘star’ perforations. By directing light efficiently through fibre optic strands to the star masks, it is possible to achieve a far more varied and realistic night sky, from the dazzling Sirius to the awe-inspiring Betelgeuse.

As well as projecting crystal clear images, our star ball also demonstrates, in the most realistic way possible, the phenomenon of scintillation, or twinkling. A special structure is inserted between the illuminator and the fibre optics which causes brightness variations that appear as beautiful and shimmering twinkling.

Silhouetted figure pointing into the star dome

Our planetarium is widely regarded as the best in the UK and one of the finest in Europe. The Starmaster ZMP-TD starball is the reason behind this. Its outstanding detail and amazingly realistic projections make for one truly outstanding experience.

Br Guy Consolmagno, Astronomer for the Vatican visited our planetarium and delivered talks to a packed theatre:

“The Glasgow Science Centre planetarium is one of the most perfect matches of projector and dome size I have ever come across, anywhere in the world. It is everything a planetarium ought to be: an exciting and realistic view of the heavens the way they ought to look. It provides crystal-sharp star images of a quality that is rare on such a large dome, one big enough to give a real feel for how the sky looks. It provides a view that sadly is all too rare in our light-polluted world.”

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