David Elder Lectures

David Elder Lecture programme 2016/17

The David Elder lecture series presents a line-up of talks from expert astronomers at the cutting edge of their fields of research. This lecture series continues the tradition of monthly astronomy lectures in Glasgow which began with the first David Elder Lecture in 1905, 111 years ago!

Running from September through March, the David Elder lectures are presented in partnership with the Department of Physics at the University of Strathclyde.

Each lecture lasts for approximately 1 hour.




Watch this space for details of the 2017/18 David Elder Lecture series.


Previous Lectures in this series


29 Aug 2016

Gravitational Waves and LIGO

with Prof. Joe Giaime

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8 Sep 2016

Is the Milky Way Special?

with Prof. Chris Lintott

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6 Oct 2016

The Search For Earth’s Twin

with Dr Stuart Clark

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3 Nov 2016

LISA Pathfinder and the Hunt for Ripples in Space

with Dr Paul McNamara

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1 Dec 2016

Chasing a Comet

with Dr Matt Taylor

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2 Feb 2017

Collision and Catastrophe

with Professor Monica Grady

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2 Mar 2017

Cosmic Fireworks – finding transient events in the Universe

with Prof Jocelyn Bell-Burnell

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15 June 2017

Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe

with Prof. Martin Hendry

Join Prof. Martin Hendry from the University of Glasgow for a whistle-stop tour through 14 billion years of cosmic history, in search of the dark matter that binds galaxies together and the dark energy that is flinging them apart. Let the amazing planetarium visuals take you on a journey from the heart of the Milky Way to the very edge of the known universe.

Running as part of the Glasgow Science Festival


Some aspects of the lectures are technical and therefore most likely to appeal to older teenagers and interested adults.

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