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Excited young learners outside Glasgow Science Centre.

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We’ve got amazing science resources all aligned to the Curriculum for Excellence: ideal whether you’re doing homework; want to have fun playing a game or doing an experiment; or are coming to visit us with friends, family, your school or group.

Using the links below you can discover the incredible range of activities and things you can:

  • do at Glasgow Science Centre;
  • experience in your place of education;
  • engage your community group with;
  • do online right now on our website;
  • and do on a visit to Whitelee Windfarm.

You'll also find links to the BodyWorks exhibition; the Images of Science exhibition in collaboration with University of Glasgow; the Images of Research exhibition in collaboration with University of Strathclyde; and our social media networks.


Get hands on


On tour

Play on your own turf

A science communicator presents a science show at a primary school


Play in the community

A stormtrooper holding a brain at a community event.


Play online

An illusion of many screens - vivid green, yellow and silver.

At Whitelee

Visit Whitelee Visitor Centre

A young boy turning a wind turbine with his breath

Social GSC

Get social with us

I love Science doodle

Images of Science

Images of Science

A coloured image of bone cell under a microscope

Images of Research

Images of Research

Researchers walking through the roasting heat of the Utah desert. Image by Yannick Kremer (2013)

Our purpose

Why are we here?

We're a charity with a science education mission


Resources for learning

Learning Science?

Great teacher and student resources



Things to do today

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