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Special Events

Science Lates - Taste

Tease your taste buds as you discover the science behind what we eat and drink. Broaden your food and drink horizons as we mix up the perfect cocktail of intriguing, tasty science.

Check out more of the programme below!

Please note that this event is strictly adults only (18+). If you're lucky enough to look younger than 25 you must bring a valid form of photo I.D. Anyone under the age of 18 or without valid I.D. will be refused entry. Disabled access only can be booked by calling 0141 420 5000.

What's On

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The programme for Taste has been lovingly prepared and ingredients include:

  • Gastronaut Live — Join Gastronaut Theo Blossom on an explosive, edible exploration of the science behind what we eat and drink at this must-see live show. Get up close and personal with the creepy crawlies that might be on our menus in the not too distant future.
  • Tuck into one of our signature pizzas in Taste café on the ground floor, or purchase a drink from our Gin Bar on the ground floor, or bars on the first and second floors. 
  • The Prosecco Chaps - Purchase the finest prosecco & craft beer from The Prosecco Chaps at their classic 1960's Italian empolini.
  • The Science of Coffee with The Good Coffee Cartel — An exploration of the science behind coffee, with interactive sessions on roasting, tasting, and aromas with the Cartel Boyz. Sign up for sessions on coffee analysis and a live roasting demo before plunging into some aromas and taste testing in the late evening. Sleep is not an option.
  • Tea for Tea Innovators — How do you drink yours? Find your perfect brew with Eteaket, try tea lattes, exciting blends and colour changing tea!
  • Food Lab — Did you parents tell you not to play with your food? Get experimental and discover the science behind everyday food items. 
  • Make Your Own DNA Daiquiri — Mix up your very own drinkable experiment, extract strawberry DNA in our recipe with a science twist. 
  • Clydeside Distillery: Whisky's in Glasgow's Blood — Discover the history of Glasgow and our whisky. Learn how their craftsmen distil their new spirit by hand, using all the senses.
  • Mixology Meets Immunology — Join researchers from the University of Glasgow and discover how they look at cells to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis through the medium of mixology! 
  • Cancer Research UK: Are You a Supertaster? — Take the simple test with Cancer Research UK scientists to discover the genes that can make you a supertaster! 
  • The Story of a Staple: Victorian Flour Adulteration and Analysis — Bread was a key part of the Victorian workers' diet but the flour was often adulterated to increase the profit margin. Explore bread made with 'cut' flour, and discover how the birth of analytical chemistry protected the consumers of the day.
  • All About Beer: Brewdog and Grunting Growler - Come and meet beer boffins Ross from Brewdog, and Jehad from the Grunting Growler as they talk all things beer.
  • Face Painting — Release your inner child and express yourself with a touch of face paint! Sign up early to avoid disappointment. 
  • Liquid Academy Drinks Lab — Purchase a cocktail to tantalize your taste buds.
  • S.Luca Ice Cream — Sample S.Luca’s premium dairy ice cream, made in Scotland, from their ice cream trike.
  • Silent Disco — Kick off your weekend and get your boogie on! 
  • Wonders of the Night Sky — Immerse yourself in the romance of the cosmos with a live, presenter-led show in our fulldome digital Planetarium
  • All the fun of GSC, without the kids: hundreds of interactive exhibits to explore.
  • Plus, much more to come!