Inside your mind

Special Events

Science Lates- Inside Your Mind

Our digital planetarium will take you on an immersive tour of how your brain affects perception, mood, and behaviour. Then, pop into our theatre to hear inspirational talks and learn about the science of swearing. Disrupt the thought process of hackers out to harvest your personal information, and see if you and a team can work together to defuse a bomb before time runs out. Chill out with some fantastic cocktails and sweet treats from the ‘Edible Alchemist’, while having a dance at our Silent Disco. Surrounded by hundreds of interactive exhibits and industry experts - discover what makes you, you.

Please note that this event is strictly adults only (18+). If you're lucky enough to look younger than 25 you must bring a valid form of photo I.D. Anyone under the age of 18 or without valid I.D. will be refused entry. Disabled access only can be booked by calling 0141 420 5000.