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Debunking Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories

50 years ago, Neil Armstrong became the first earthling to walk on the Moon! It is the most famous technological feat of our time, but yet many people still refuse to believe it happened. Despite the scientific proof that Apollo 11 made it to the moon’s surface, there are still many who claim it is all “fake news.” In this discussion chaired by Brian Eggo of Glasgow Skeptics, a panel of experts in space science will debunk and discuss some common conspiracy theories surrounding the Moon landing of 1969.

Speakers on the night include:
Brian Eggo, Glasgow Skeptics
Nina Cameron, Planetarium Coordinator, Glasgow Science Centre
Dr Matteo Ceriotti, Lecturer in Space Systems Engineering, University of Glasgow
Professor Jim Faller, Professor Emeritus at the University of Colorado
Dr Claudia Antolini

If you want to hear more about the lunar laser ranging experiements, why not visit Jim Faller's free talk on 21st July at 3pm?

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