Special Events

David Elder Lecture- Leo Hollberg

"Space, Time and Quantum Clocks"

Throughout history, we have relied upon accurate astronomical measurements of the relative position of the sun, moon, planets, and stars to understand the locations and motions of things in space. These same types of measurements are used to determine our relative positions on Earth, and for navigation. Both position determination and navigation also require some method of keeping time.

For faster and more accurate real-time navigation on earth, Global Navigation Satellite systems have been developed. These systems are elaborate networks of ground stations and satellites in well-defined, predetermined orbits. Each satellite carries several accurate atomic clocks and uses microwave signals to transmit position and time information to the Earth.

In the future, more advanced atomic clocks could herald new capabilities, such as navigation deeper into space, sea-level measurement, and high-speed communication systems. Prof. Leo Hollberg explores how accurate clocks and the constant speed of light are key to understanding space and time and navigation.

Glasgow Science Centre is proud to host the David Elder Lectures in partnership with the University of Strathclyde's Department of Physics. Some aspects of the lectures are technical and they are therefore most suitable for interested adults and older teenagers.

About the Planetarium


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