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Idea #59

At Glasgow Science Centre we're passionate about inspiring the next generation of engineers, innovators and scientists and our new development, Idea #59, aims to do this along with engaging the wider community about the potential impact of exponential technologies on the individual and society.

This fantastic new exhibition will explore — through exhibitions and programming — how these technologies are shaping the future of our society.

Idea #59 will be a unique, interactive educational platform designed to nurture crucial future skills. At the heart of the idea, it recognises the need of the global society to innovate, to adapt and to invent. To achieve this we need to develop a culture of innovation which inspires our young people to harness their full potential and play a key role in creating the innovations that will transform our society. 

Idea #59 will help grow the next generation of engineers and innovators by creating a physical space for extended engagement with schools, communities, families and teenagers. It aims to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow through creative play and learning. It will also create a platform to engage the wider community in the innovations of the future, focusing on technology mega-trends and their resulting societal impact, including: 

  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  • Automation, Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Precision Medicine and Genomic Analysis
  • The “Internet of Things” 
  • People and the Internet – how people connect with others, information and the world around them. 


Showcase the types of skills required for future careers. The exhibition will help students connect what they learn in the classroom with the world around them and with opportunities offered by a career in engineering, science and technology through social learning. It will also better inform parents, teachers and careers guidance professionals of the career paths available to inform practical, life changing decisions in a young person's journey.

Inspire the next generation of innovators by developing critical skills and confidence and providing opportunities for making, developing and producing — distil, design, develop, create, ignite!

Create a platform for industry to engage the wider community in a discussion about future innovations and the societal impact of these. Technology is changing at a breathtaking pace and the implications in terms of learning, jobs and our future lives can be a cause for concern for many people. Idea #59 will actively highlight the technologies being developed and what these mean for society going forward. It aims to remove some of the fear factor and promote an understanding of the “art of the possible”. 


We will work with a wide range of industry partners to bring Idea #59 to life and help showcase the innovative and potentially life changing work they are involved in. 

In particular, we will focus on the work of Scotland’s Innovation Centres, including the Centre for Excellence in Sensor and Imaging Systems (CENSIS), The Data Lab, Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC), Digital Health and Care Institute, Stratified Medicine Scotland – IC, Construction Scotland – IC, and the Fraunhofer UK Centre for Applied Photonics. 

We will also seek to involve a wide range of industrial and academic partners who are at the forefront of the development of these technologies. 


Glasgow Science Centre will work with our public sector, academic and industry partners to develop this futuristic and innovative new space. 

The costs for the project are as follows:

  • Capital funding (Design and Build) - £1,000,000
  • Revenue funding (per year) - £100,000

We are seeking both direct or in-kind (expertise, technology) support from a wide-range of organisations. 

By supporting Idea #59 you and your organisation will be part of an innovative and informative project aimed at showcasing and promoting understanding of current and future technologies, and supporting the innovators of tomorrow. Your involvement in the exhibition will offer the following benefits: 

  • The opportunity to tell your story, engage with and inspire hundreds of thousands of adults and young people across Scotland and beyond 
  • The opportunity to showcase the work of your organisation and the difference it is making to people’s lives 
  • The opportunity to encourage and influence future technologists and innovators 
  • Upskilling of staff in communication and public engagement through direct involvement with the project and engagement with our audiences 
  • Corporate visibility through branding on marketing, content and PR materials. 

Please get in touch if anything you read above sparks your interest as we'd love to talk to you:


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