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This page summarises the range of Learning Lab programmes for schools that are available.

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Exploring the science behind human health and wellbeing.

Through exploration of different body systems, learners will discover:

  • what we all have in common
  • the differences that make us unique
  • factors that influence our health and wellbeing

Watch a lung dissection, make your own intestines and meet a real healthcare scientist! Activities support second level experiences and outcomes in Biological Systems and Health & Wellbeing.

Level: CfE level 2 P5 – P7 

Duration: 8-10 weeks 

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castle with rain and sun

Castle CSI

Uncovering famous Scottish castles using scientific techniques.

Learners become forensic scientists as they:

  • discover how climate change is affecting our historic sites
  • solve the mystery of unidentified remains using forensic data
  • complete hands-on activities with Castle CSI on Tour

Covering second level outcomes in Social Studies, Health and Wellbeing and Sciences, Castle CSI asks pupils to piece together clues about a mystery skeleton, and carry out investigations into soil erosion, and weathering using Skittles!

Level: CfE level 2 P6 – P7 

Duration: 5 – 6 weeks

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HES logo

hand holding earth

Our Amazing Air

Exploring the air around us, how it supports life, and the ways we can improve it.

Supporting learners to investigate:

  • what air is and why it is so important
  • what air pollution is and how we monitor it
  • how air quality can be improved

Make your own air pollution catcher, grow plants in a terrarium and meet an air quality scientist! Hands-on activities support outcomes in Planet Earth, Health & Wellbeing, and Numeracy and Literacy.

Level: CfE level 2 P5 – P7 

Duration: 8weeks 

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the words "Our World" in green

Our World

Celebrating our amazing planet.

Through the themes of Our Place in Space, Living Things and Climate and Weather, young learners will explore our changing planet and how it is affected by human choices and actions.

Make your own solar system, discover how clouds are made and complete a living things scavenger hunt! Aligned with first level experiences and outcomes and supported by live sessions with scientists.

Level: CfE level 1 P2 – P4 

Duration: 6 weeks 

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three interlinked circular shapes with our world out impact written across them

Our World Our Impact

Exploring our connection to the changes on our planet.

Through exploration of Climate and Weather, Energy, Biodiversity and Food, learners will gain understanding of:

  • the basics of climate science​
  • the human impacts on our world
  • career opportunities in the field​

Supporting second level outcomes in Planet Earth, Health & Wellbeing, Numeracy and Literacy. Pupils will make their own rain gauge, explore biodiversity in their school environment and meet experts in the field.

Level: CfE level 2 P5 – P7 

Duration: 8-10 weeks 

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Powering the Future logo

Powering the Future

Exploring the future of energy.

Through investigation of renewables technologies and the pathway to net zero, pupils will discover opportunities in the energy sector and explore how their skills could change the world.

Supporting curriculum outcomes across Sciences, Social Studies and Technologies, Powering the Future includes unique hands-on activities, group discussions, a Science Centre visit and the opportunity to meet professionals from Scotland’s energy industry.


Level: CfE level 2 P5-7

Duration: 8 weeks


Level: CfE BGE S1-S2

Duration: 2-4 weeks

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Renewables challenge logo

Renewables Challenge

Exploring energy production.

Learners will build their understanding of carbon neutral, renewable energy sources and career opportunities in the field. Pupils will work together to design an innovative solution to power their school using renewable energy!

Level: CfE level 2 P5 – P7

Duration: 4 weeks

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red squiggley line with Idea No 59 written under it

Scotland in Space

Celebrating the innovative spirit in all of us and how that spirit can change the world.

Supporting young people to:

  • investigate the science behind rocket and satellite technology
  • research applications of space technology that are changing the world​
  • recognise Scotland’s contribution to the space industry and the opportunities available​
  • explore their individual skills and strengths

Level: CfE BGE S1 – S2

Duration: 4 – 6 weeks

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Tiny Forests

Celebrating green spaces and the great outdoors.

In this outdoor learning programme, young explorers will investigate living things, grow their own plants and discover the science all around us!

Supporting curriculum outcomes in Health & Wellbeing, Planet Earth, and Numeracy and Literacy.

Level: CfE early level Pre school - P1

Duration: 3 weeks

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Tiny Forests is delivered in partnership with Bloomberg.


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