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Our World Our Impact 

Exploring our connection to the changes on our planet

Our World, Our Impact comprises 4 modules that support learners to explore their connection to the changing planet.  Through the themes of Climate & Weather; Energy; Biodiversity; and Food, learners will have a better understanding of:

  • The basics of climate science​
  • What underpins sustainable living and the human impacts on our planet​  
  • Career opportunities in the field​

Level: CfE level 2 P5 – P7 or CfE level 1 P2 – P4

Duration: 8-10 weeks 

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Scotland in Space 

Exploring innovation in the Scottish space sector  

Scotland in Space is about celebrating the innovative spirit in all of us and how that spirit can change the world.  Learners investigate the science and technology driving the Scottish space sector and how these innovations improve our lives.​ Through the themes of rockets, satellites and data learners will:​  

  • Investigate the science behind rocket and satellite technologies​  
  • Research real applications of space technology that are changing the world​  
  • Recognise Scotland’s contribution to the space industry and the opportunities available​  
  • Explore their individual skills and strengths​  

Level : CfE BGE S1 – S2  

Duration: 4 – 6 weeks

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Bodyworks - Launching September 2021

Exploring the science behind human health and wellbeing 

Level: CfE level 2 P5 – P7 

Duration: 8-10 weeks 

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