A hand turns a flywheel to generate power at an exhibit.

Powering The Future For Family, Community And Corporate Events

Our ‘On Tour’ team are ready to add a new dimension to your event with our live science shows and workshops.

Education and entertainment for all ages – excellent for family learning, team building, motivational activities or just for a bit of fun!

We can create a bespoke package of activities to suit your event setup, including:

  • Interactive exhibits sessions
  • Science on the spot
  • Live science show: Future Fuels

Powering the Future Exhibits

Energy underpins our modern lives but there are difficult choices to be made about how we will supply and use energy in the future. Is our energy affordable, secure and environmentally sustainable? As you explore these interactive hands-on exhibits, you can explore our energy options – from how we can produce electricity and fuels to how we can be smarter with our use of energy. What would you do?

Future Fuels

In this exciting and interactive science show you can join us on an exciting mission to explore how we could power transport in the future. We will explore different types of energy sources, including fossil fuels and renewables, and the ways that these can be harnessed for transportation.

Book Powering The Future for a Family, Community, or Corporate Event

For advice and bookings please telephone 0141 420 5020 or email us for more information.

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