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A new look for GSC

Over the last 12 months we’ve been responding to lots of customer feedback to improve the experience you have with us on our website and alongside this, we’ve updated our brand, logo and everything we stand for to keep up with what you, our valued visitors, friends and customers are looking for.

At GSC we really value our staff; they’re the people who make your experience (hopefully!) a good one. They make you laugh in a science show, or help you out when you’re at an event, they greet you when you come into the building and (unfortunately) help you out when we’re closing. They’re a fantastic bunch, super proud to work here and super happy to help and they’ve inspired us to bring our brand into the future and try to tell our story a little more.

Our logo and everything associated with it has been the same for many years now and this year, we were determined to use resources raised to improve the way you experience GSC. Our new website will work on mobile (something our old one poorly lacked), it will be clearer and easier to navigate and allows tickets to be bought online for visits to GSC. In time, it will also allow our passport holders (GSC's membership scheme) to manage their accounts online and newcomers to purchase passports for themselves and others.

We’ll take the opportunity to make signage clearer in the building too to ensure that your experience is quality from the moment you say hello until you’re waving goodbye. When developing the logo we took inspiration from GSC's architecture, shapes from around Glasgow and science and from the old logo, reflecting the transformation from old to new. It is also reminiscent of GSC's love of curiosity and wonder with the combination of the question mark and exclamation mark.

All the best from your GSC team.


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