Three young scientists look at a laptop screen and other science equipment, wearing goggles and lab coats

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British Science Week

It's British Science Week and your pupils have an incredible opportunity to meet experts from a variety of scientific and technological backgrounds, take part in fun activities related to their work, and find out more about their careers!

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Wednesday 14th March
Glasgow Countryside Rangers: Come learn about the exciting work being carried out by the Glasgow Countryside Rangers!

Rheumatosphere: Come and meet the rheumatosphere team to see inside your hand with our ultrasound machine!

Astronomical Society of Glasgow: Learn about the Astronomical Society of Glasgow and what they get up to when observing the wonders of the night sky.

Thursday 15th March
Glasgow Countryside Rangers: Come learn about the exciting work being carried out by the Glasgow Countryside Rangers!

Friday 16th March
Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow (RCPSG): The First Stethoscope - Includes an example of the first wooden stethoscope, animations, and an interactive Make Your Own Stethoscope activity

RCPSG: Virtual Anatomy Museum - How can we use technology to visualise a 19th century anatomy museum?

RCPSG: Joseph Lister and Antiseptic Surgery - See an example of an original Lister carbolic spray, animations and poems showing the development of Lister’s innovation, introduced in Glasgow in the 1860s, and how it changed medical science.

RCPSG/University of Glasgow: Surgeon's Viewpoint - Meet a real-life surgeon demonstrating advances in medical imaging and visualisation.

RCPSG: 3D Printing of David Livingstone’s Humerus - Using visualisation to tell the story of the lion attack that almost killed explorer David Livingstone, and live 3D printing of a cast of his fractured humerus!

University of Glasgow: Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy - Highlighting the amazing work done on student projects on this MSc course - a collaboration between the Laboratory of Human Anatomy, and Glasgow School of Art’s School of Simulation and Visualisation.

Cancer Research UK: Discover the incredible work being done by Cancer Research UK.

ReallySmallScience: Explore the world of sludge with ReallySmallScience from University of Strathclyde. Make your own sludgy clay and test it with different tubes and shapes. Will your sludge flow like water or jam up pipes?

Are you a super-face-recogniser?: Join the University of Strathclyde to find out if you are a super face recogniser!

RCPSG Heritage Blog

Preview more of the build-up to British Science Week activity from the RCPSG in their post on "Visualising Medical Heritage and Innovation – Meet the Experts".



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