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Climate Conversations

Climate Conversations is a podcast that invites Environmental scientists, community representatives and decision makers to discuss some of the most important themes of the climate crisis.

The five-part series starting 26 October 2021 and running through early February 2022, will explore the Changing Arctic, Green Finance, Geothermal Energy, Extreme Weather and Climate Justice.

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Extreme Weather

Episode 5, Climate Conversations

How can we predict extreme weather events, and measure the impact they have on life on this planet? Hosted by Dragons' Den investor and business expert Deborah Meaden, and featuring Dr Cornelia Klein and Steve Trent, this episode combines the science of storm patterns with the very real effects of extreme weather events on communities across the world.

And, as the climate crisis develops, how well placed is the UK to deal with extreme weather events as they become increasingly likely?

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The Changing Arctic

Episode 1, Climate Conversations

Discover how the Arctic regions are rapidly changing. Hear from those who explore the Arctic through research, and those who call it home.

With David N. Thomas of University of Helsinki , Crystal Martin-Lapenskie, former President of The National Inuit Youth Council (NIYC) and Jane Rumble from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

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Green Finance

Episode 2, Climate Conversations

How difficult is it for companies to commit to going greener, and what is the appetite for green finance from consumers and customers?

Polly Billington, CEO of UK100, speaks with Kate McKay from Glasgow savings and investments business Nude, and Dr Nicola Ranger, Deputy Director of the UK Centre for Greening Finance and Investment.

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Episode 3, Climate Conversations

What's it like under the ground and how might this play a part in powering our future

With Johann Macdougall of The Scottish Government, Dr Alison Monaghan from British Geological Survey and Bob McDonald & Colin Findlay, co-authors of A History of Coalmining in Rutherglen and Cambuslang.

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Climate Justice

Episode 4, Climate Conversations

"It can't be about us without us."

How can we make sure those most affected by the Climate Crisis have their voices heard?

How can we make conversations on climate change accessible to all? This episode explores the changes we need to consider. Fraser Stewart is a clean energy researcher at the University of Strathclyde, in conversation with Emmanuel Zuza, an agricultural researcher originally from Malawi, and Charles Baldaia, who grew up in a Brazilian favela. With thanks to Tori Tsui.

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These conversations are the opinions of the contributors and not necessarily the views of NERC.

Climate Conversations are supported by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and produced by Glasgow Science Centre and Bespoken Media.


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